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January 2012 - BlueSIM Headset Released

BlueSIM have released a matching over-the-ear monaural headset to compliment the BlueSIM Bluetooth Phone range. The introduction of the headset now allows existing and future users the flexibility of answering mobile calls either with the handset, headset or hands free. Answer calls using the headset allows private hands free conversations while still being conscious of the users environments.

The headset if perfect for using in office such as real-estate and recruitment where majority of calls are outbound. The headset has the added advantage of improving on the already impression audio quality of the BlueSIM devices by utilising improved echo cancellation from the microphone and a closed ear cup for the earphone.

By freeing up users hands, using the new BlueSIM headset will reduce fatigue during long conversations.

Check out more about the BlueSIM headset at the BlueSIM Products Pages

April 2011 - Womens Health

March 2011 - APC Magazine

Jan 2011 - Better Homes and Gardens

Jan 2011 - Connect2Mums

11/12/2010 - Gold Coast Bulletin

December 2010 - Smarthouse

04/11/2010 - Canberra Weekly

November 2010 - MyBusiness Magazine

26/10/2010 - Canberra Weekly

August/September Edition - Executive PA

BlueSIM Nominated for Electronics News Future Awards

The BlueSIM desktop phone has been recognised as a innovative product being selected as a finalist for the Electronics News Future Awards. The presitgeous Future Awards introduces new categories to help raise the profile of electronics innovation and give designers and system integrators across the country a stage on which to promote their electronics design and ingenuity. The Bluesim Desktop Bluetooth Phone is nominated in the Communications catagory.

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August Edition - Silicon Chip

BlueSIM combats mobile phone radiation with desktop phone -

... To help combat the risk of harmful radiation transmitted via mobile phones, BlueSIM has launched a desktop phone that works with any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

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August Edition - Qantas Inflight The Australian Way

August Edition - Business Chick Latte

14/07/10 The Daily Telegraph

The Five Best Unwired Gadgets -

Be it for convenience or health, many people prefer to limit time spent on a mobile phone. The BlueSIM looks like a regular desktop phone, but it can pair with up to eight handsets using Bluetooth

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07/07/2010 MX Magazine

27/06/2010 The West Australian 7 Days - Gizmo

Making a call is as easy as picking up the BlueSIM handset and dialling a phone number....calls are relatively loud and crisp....our callers offering no complaints on our voice quality or volume during test calls.

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Pairing the BlueSIM with your mobile is a straightforward process. Simply plug in the included AC adapter, use the menu to put it in pairing mode and connect it to your mobile. We tested the BlueSIM phone with an iPhone 3GS, but it will work with most Bluetooth-enabled mobiles.

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BlueSIM Bluetooth Desktop Phone Launched at CeBIT 2010

Hot interest in BlueSIM at CeBIT this year, being one of the most innovative products launched it attracted special attention with journalist.

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Now for the Bluetooth/3G home phone -

The advent of 'unlimited' mobile plans has sparked a new category of gizmo: Bluetooth home phones that use your mobile to place calls. PLUS: The most bastardly press release ever.

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BlueSIM Is A Bluetooth Landline For Your Mobile Phone -

Have you ever wanted to sit at your desk with a proper phone sitting on your desk, except instead of paying for a landline have that desk phone connect to your mobile over Bluetooth?

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Brain cancer link to mobile phones -

"A LONG-awaited international study of the health risks of mobile phones has linked extended use to an increased risk of developing brain tumours."

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Dualsim Phone Company BlueSIM phone handset -

"Society’s awareness and growing concerns regarding the levels of radiation transmitted via mobile phone use continues to increase as rapidly as mobile phone technology develops. To assist in cutting down radiation transmitted via mobile phone, BlueSIM has created the BlueSIM phone handset.

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BlueSIM protects your brain from pesky radiation -

"Are you concerned about radiation from your mobile phone penetrating your skull and turning your brain into a giant, cancerous tumour? Perhaps you just hate the way your phone gets hot after talking on it for 10 minutes. Either way, you'll probably be interested to hear about BlueSIM."

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BlueSIM Handset Cuts Down Radiation -

"BlueSIM is set to roll out a new handset that works with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone in order to reduce radiation transmission."

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Afraid your cellphone will fry your brain? Try this Bluetooth deskphone -

"BlueSIM has come up with a neat device for officeworkers or consumers who make and receive all their calls on a cellphone and worry what all those radio waves are doing to their DNA."

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