Frequently Asked Questions

Apple iPhone 5 and iOS6 Users

With the recent release of the iPhone 6 and iOS6, Apples devices have found themselves in familiar territory, iOS6 has some major issues when handling Bluetooth. Users with IOS6 will experience problems when making calls to Bluetooth devices including our BlueSIM.

The problem stems from Apples IOS6 firmware and its programming not compliant to Bluetooth device standards. Users with iOS6 can only wait until Apple releases an update that will fix the fault in the iOS6 firmware. iOS6 may also responsible for the poor battery life, Wifi and sudden rebooting of the device.

Users with iPhones 4S or older using our BlueSIM device are encourage NOT TO UPDATE your iPhone to iOS6 until Apple have fixed the firmware issues. Users on firmware 5.1.1 and below are not effected by this issue.

Users can read more at T3 News Apples Bluetooth Issues

Follow other users Bluetooth experience with iOS6 on Apples website Apple Community Forum

Does the BlueSIM Work with iPad, iTouch And Android Tablet Devices?

Yes, our device will work with Apple iPad, iTouch and other Tablet devices such as the Optus My Tab. Depending on the capabilities and software apps installed on the device concerned, different functions will be made available on the BlueSIM desktop Bluetooth phone.

No Audio on the new Apple iPhone 4S? *UPDATED*

There are some major bugs on the new iPhone 4S recently released, user have reported no audio and connection issues when making calls via Bluetooth, it affects all Bluetooth audio devices, not just the BlueSIM Bluetooth desktop phone. This is related to the new iPhone 4S itself, Apple are working on an update to their software.

Some user have reported unplugging/reconnecting headphones, mute/unmute and operating the SIRI will temporarily alleviate the problem.

*UPDATE* Apple has recently released an update for the Apple iPhone 4S OS to version 5.1.1. Results are encouraging as users have not reported Bluetooth issues on the BlueSIM device when using this version of the software.

Is Mobile Radiation Really a Brain Cancer Concern?

The evidence is not conclusive on this matter but on the 1st of June 2011 the WHO (World Health Organisation) reclassified mobile phone radiation to the same level as DDT pesticides. We should also stress brain cancers, according to scientific data, takes extended periods of time to developed.

ABC new report

The BlueSIM will not Pair to my Phone?

You need to get the BlueSIM Phone into Pairing Mode before you can start searching for the device on the mobile phone. Do this by finding "Pair New Device" in the menu of the BlueSIM, hit [OK], your BlueSIM should display "Pair New Device In Progress" then start the pairing process on your mobile device.

How does the BlueSIM Bluetooth Phone Desktop work?

Once plugged in, the BlueSIM Desktop Bluetooth Phone handset will work with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone (including smart phones) conforming to Bluetooth Specifications V2.0, supporting the same set of profiles (HFP, PBAP, AVRCP & A2DP). Once a Bluetooth signal of a paired mobile phone is recognised, the quick link process will commence and you will be able to use the BlueSIM handset.

My BlueSIM Ring Tone Is Too Loud Or Too Soft?

If you find the ring tone audio level is not suitable when the BlueSIM rings you should adjust your mobile phones ringing volume. You can do this normally by hitting the up or down keys on your mobile, otherwise you can set the profiles on your mobile device. Consult you mobile phone manual for more details.

What is the default PIN/Passcode when pairing?


How is it different to a landline phone?

There is no connection to a standard phone line - the connection is made via Bluetooth through a mobile phone linked with the BlueSIM Bluetooth Desktop Phone.

How does BlueSIM Bluetooth Phones cut down radiation?

You mobile device transmits up to 3 watts of power while on a call. This power is focused directly at your head as most user hold and press the phone directly onto the ear.

The BlueSIM is different, the BlueSIM uses Bluetooth transmission protocols so only transmits 1 milliwatt (1/1000 Watt) of power, that's about 3000 times less than a mobile phone.

In addition to the low power output, the transmitters for the BlueSIM Bluetooth Phone are located in the main device and not the handset, this distances a normal user to the transmission point of 80-100cm, the radiation generated from the BlueSIM Bluetooth Phone is much less than that of using a standard mobile.

Why is this better than using your mobile phone?

The BlueSIM Bluetooth Phone Desktop promotes a reduced radiation environment, incorporates an ergonomically friendly design, which is better for your general health as it encourages good neck and back practices. Additionally you’ll never miss a call, looking for your mobile phone and the sound quality matches with most standard phones.

Who should use a BlueSIM Bluetooth Desktop Phone?

There are a number of consumers who can benefit from the BlueSIM Bluetooth Desktop Phone

  1. People who are renting and don't want to set up a landline phone, but still like the convenience of a "home phone"
  2. Business teams, who spend an increasing amount of their time between their desk, on the road and behind the wheel
  3. University students who share accommodation and are increasingly relying on their mobile phones, but would like a phone at the dormitory.

Why should I use a BlueSIM Bluetooth Desktop Phone?

To eliminate costs associated with the set-up of a landline phone as well as ongoing fees. The health benefits of BlueSIM Bluetooth Desktop Phone are an added benefit with its reduced radiation and ergonomically friendly design.

What are the additional features of the BlueSIM Bluetooth Desktop Phone?

If music is loaded on your mobile or smart phone, you can stream music through the BlueSIM Bluetooth Phone Desktop handset. The unit also allows you to pull up to 250 contacts from your mobile phone, in addition to accessing call lists.

What’s the RRP of a BlueSIM Bluetooth Desktop Phone?


Where is the BlueSIM Desktop Bluetooth Phone available from?

Check the reseller list for your nearest retailer.

Will the BlueSIM Bluetooth Phone Desktop interfere with my PC Sync software via Bluetooth?

No, from our testing, PC Sync software currently uses different bluetooth profiles to those need by the BlueSIM Bluetooth Desktop Phone to operate. This might change in future depending on the software developer. Currently BlueSIM Bluetooth Desktop Phones can happliy co-exist with PC Sync software.

My BlackBerry keeps asking me to connect?

Some Blackberry units will require the user to allow connect each time it detects the Bluesim Bluetooth Desktop Phone. You may see a message like this

Select “Don’t ask this again” so that a tick appears in the box, and then choose “YES”.

If you find that your BlueSIM Bluetooth Phone Desktop does not reconnect to your phone, go to the “Options” menu and ensure that the BlueSIM Desktop Bluetooth Phone is configured as a “Trusted Device”.

My Android Phone will not transfer via PBAP?

On Android devices a message about the phonebook transfer may appear in the notifications area at the top of the screen when trying to use PBAP.

In order to transfer your contacts you must swipe your finger over this message and accept the phonebook transfer request from the BlueSIM Bluetooth Desktop Phone.