BlueSIM PSTN + Bluetooth Desktop Phone | EAN 9319491059291


The exciting new addition to the BlueSIM range features a standard PSTN phone allowing users to enjoy connection to a landline along with our successful BlueSIM Bluetooth engine.

The addition of a landline allows users to make and receive calls on their mobile or on a standard landline. The phone is compatible with most PABX systems making it easy to integrate into an office environment. The same high quality audio is shared with this device and the rest of the BlueSIM range making the BlueSIM landline phone a natural choice when choosing your next desk phone.

  • Office and Mobile Phone lines on the same device
    You no longer need a seperate office phone and bluetooth phones, both landline and mobile bluetooth lines work from the same device clearing much needed desktop space.
  • Office Style Desktop Phone Design
    modeled on popular desktop phones, users familar office phones will find the layout ergonomic and user friendly
  • High Quality Handsfree Speaker Phone
    Breed from the same techonology as leading office phone technolgy, the BlueSIM Bluetooth PSTN Desk Phone offers office quality audio handsfree speaker phone leaving your handsfree to work while on talking on the phone
  • Reduced Radiation
    Users will not be exposed to the radiation emitted by mobiles phones, The UN WHO (United Nations World Heath Organisation) has classifield mobile phone radition as a possible cause of brain cancer. All BlueSIM Bluetooth Phones are designed to reduce user exposure to this harmful radiation.
  • Desktop or Wall Mountable
    The BlueSIM PSTN Landline phone is at home sitting on your desktop or can be wall mounted, the mounting holes are compatible with existing Telstra landline phones reducing the need to remount, simply remove the existing Telstra product and replace with the Bluetooth Landline Phone
  • Advanced call Management
    The BlueSIM PSTN Bluetooth phone offer advanced functionally such as call conference between Bluetooth and Landlines, Hold and Mute. Other advanced features include call retrictions with PIN number overide allowing you to control what numbers can and cannot be dialled when using the Bluetooth BlueSIM landline phone.