About BlueSIM

BlueSIM is part of The DualSIM Phone Company, an Australian company which provides an innovative solution to telecommunications with its BlueSIM Bluetooth Desktop Phone and DualSIM phones.

The parent company has been operating since 1989 and the BlueSIM Bluetooth Desktop Phone is available for $299 from retailers across Australia.

The company has sales and support offices in Sydney, Hong Kong and Shanghai. DualSIM is the patent and trademark holders of the DUALSIM brand and Patent in Australia.

BlueSIM is a marriage of two technologies, mobile communications and Bluetooth connectivity.

Together these 2 technologies interact to provide users with a new conveniences that was not possible previously.

Bluetooth being a open platform allows connectivty with different devices while the SIM card provide connectivity to telephony networks. This is why the BlueSIM Bluetooth Desktop Phone is an extension of your mobile phone.

Before the inception of the BlueSIM Bluetooth Desktop Phone, users benefited from the portability of mobile phones but were always exposed to high levels of raditions. The reliable and comfortable desktop handset platform allowed user to conduct conversations but was not portable like mobile phones.

With the BlueSIM Bluetooth Desktop Phone we have taken the best from both and married the techonology of Bluetooth and GSM / 3G mobiles into a desktop unit. BlueSIM is committed to bring convience to all mobile phone users, no matter what brand persuasion they have.

BlueSIM is brought to you by The Dualsim Phone Company, the leaders in Dual Sim Card Mobile technology in Australia.