BlueSIM Monaural Headset | EAN 9319491061584


The BlueSIM Professional Headset is designed to fit perfectly to BlueSIM Bluetooth Products. The RJ9 connection is the same used on Plantronics and other professional headset. The boom microphone and monaural earpiece allows for a comfortable handsfree experience while still being conscious of the work environment.

The over the head design together with a curly cord and inline volume control allows for a tangle free work desk, freeing up your hands to take notes or operate your computer.

The BlueSIM Professional Headset will add a new dimension to using the BlueSIM Range of Bluetooth Phones.

  • Monaural Design
    Lets your conduct a private conversation will still being conscious of your surrounding.
  • Boom Microphone
    The boom mic pickups your voice clearly while keeping out unwanted noises in your environment. The clicking motion of the boom ensures the right position is held for a comfortable fit.
  • RJ9 Professional Connection
    Like all professional hands free devices the BlueSIM Headset also uses the industry standard RJ9 connection as found on leading headset brands.
  • Curly Cord
    Keep everything neat and tidy, the BlueSIM Headset comes with a curly cord, extending and contracting as your move about.
  • Volume Control
    Inline volume control allows extra flexibility in controlling the earpiece volume.
  • Metal Head Band
    For durability and flexibility we use a stainless steel headband, stainless steel also offers better comfort to users who use the phone for extended periods.
  • Compatibility
    Even if you do not own a BlueSIM device, the BlueSIM Hands Free Headset is compatible with many phone systems. The BlueSIM Headset works with industry standard amplified phone systems.